How it all started...
A sincere love for bread

Let us tell you a story about Tim's Bakery. It is a story about family, love, and passion for bread making.

The story begins in 2020 during the COVID-19 crisis. After endless hours of relentless work and dedication, we have made the products that we wanted to share with others.

With lots of love, grand plans and burning desire, we made and sold our first bread and puff pastry.

Our story continues. It continues because we have shown it is possible to adhere to strict production standards while maintaining a comfortable work atmosphere. We have proven that this approach makes it possible to reach indisputable quality, both in work processes and in all products that bear our name.
Our story continues through our local community in which we live, and which lives in us. It continues through all of you who try our products for the first time, and through you who come back every day.

The experience of our bakers and the tradition of transferring knowledge and skills in bread-making guarantee the uniform quality of our products. We continuously improve our selection with baking trends and small secrets of our master bakers. Our mornings begin with you and they lead towards a successful and happy day.

Welcome to Tim’s Bakery

Mission and Vision

Through vision, we accomplish our mission

Our vision is to produce and sell bakery products. We want to set an example of a modern, socially responsible business by producing high quality and healthy food products while respecting the requirements and industry’s highest standards.

We accomplish our vision through the daily mission that drives us to become the best place to buy fresh and quality bakery products. We produce natural, delicious and health-safe bakery products that bring daily satisfaction to our customers. We know how to make bread and we know that morning without it must not begin. Therefore, we are constantly working on maintaining our quality, introducing innovations, developing our own sales network, and building a strong brand.

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The core values on which Tim's Bakery is built


Our bread, pastries, puff pastries and other products are made according to our original recipe. The preparation requires a lot of effort and manual work of our dedicated craftsmen and bakers. We are also proud of our traditional way of baking on a fireclay without the additional airflow that gives a unique taste. Only by respecting the knowledge and experience of previous generations we can produce bread which would make our ancestors proud.


When it comes to bakery innovation, we carefully observe the market needs and respond. We work daily to maintain the quality of our existing products and strive to create new ones. And we do all that in order to provide you with a wide range of products to complement your meals. We are proud of our innovative products such as homemade cornbread, buckwheat root with walnuts or plain, potato rolls & bread, sweetcorn bread.


We are making bread from scratch. Thoughtfully selected flours and other ingredients, lovingly grown Sourdough culture, Poolish and Biga, with a gentle touch of technology. That is our secret. Only the best ingredients, methods and dedicated hands of our bakers are “guilty” of creating Tim's Bakery products. Our bakers are real artists in creating flavours and personalising our bread with a variety of ingredients and using different fermentation processes. We don't use any additives, preservatives, artificial colours or premix, and we are really proud on it!

Tims Bakery Bread